new emergency care floor

All change as investment programme gets underway

From Monday 21 November there will be a number of changes at St Mary’s Hospital as work is set to begin on a once in a generation investment programme to improve the Island’s NHS infrastructure.

The main entrance of St Mary’s Hospital will see hoarding put in place as work begins on the new emergency care floor. Patients, visitors, and staff will continue to be able to access the main entrance, but footpaths will be redirected, and zebra crossing moved to accommodate the changes.

The drop off point, currently located outside the main entrance, will move to the front of the main hospital car park. The designated taxi spaces and a number of disabled car parking spaces will also be relocated here as well.

The motorcycle parking space will move to an area opposite the podiatry department, a short distance from the main entrance.

Samara Lamb, Head of Nursing for Unplanned Care said

“The changes will mean we have one front door for all urgent and emergency services, ensuring we can provide the right care, in the right place, first time round.”

The improved emergency care floor will see a new waiting area, resuscitation (resus) area and treatment rooms for children and young people. There will also be a separate entrance for ambulances carrying children and young people to improve patient experience and ensure privacy. On the improved Intensive Care Unit (ICU):

Vicky Crickmore, Consultant Nurse for Critical Care said

“For patients these changes will mean being able to provide quieter, more private spaces with natural light which will help their recovery and rehabilitation and provide a welcoming space for family members supporting them.”

Other changes across the site include a two-way traffic system along the road leading up to the Education Centre. The road will be narrowed to accommodate the new ICU extension – this is essential to enable contractor vehicles to come and go safely.

As a result, it may take longer to drive to and park near services at the back of the hospital including Audiology, Stoma, Renal, Patient Transport, and for Preoperative Assessment Unit (PAAU) checks.

As well as the new emergency care floor and the improved ICU, there are plans to improve the configuration of the acute hospital wards and build a new mental health and community services unit located in Newport High Street.

The new high street venue will provide an accessible community hub with co-located services offering holistic physical and mental health services. The contemporary space is designed to be inclusive and accessible with a space for a lift, ramps and a changing place toilet. There will also be a public café area for walk-in wellbeing support.

Rather than being based in multiple locations, these improvements will enable community nursing teams to work alongside adult social care services and mental health professionals right at the heart of the local community in a more accessible way.

It will also enable closer working with local GP surgeries and other voluntary and community-based services operating in the local area.

The four projects are all set to be completed by Spring 2024.