New patient buggy with volunteer team

New buggy to help patients get to their appointments

We have introduced a buggy service at St Mary’s Hospital to help patients get to their appointments.

The new buggy, operated by our ‘wonderful’ volunteers, provides patients with the support they need to travel around the inside of the hospital, Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4pm.

The addition is in response to patient and public feedback and following discussions with the our Patient Council and staff equality networks.

Patients will be able to request use of the buggy by asking one of the volunteers at either the Main or North Hospital entrances.

Our Head of Health and Safety and Security, Rob Jubb, said: “It’s great to welcome the new buggy to St Mary’s Hospital, operated by our fully trained volunteers, it will be a huge support in helping patients get from one end of the hospital to another.”

The buggy was funded after a successful bid through the new Community Diagnostic Centre capital funding.

We are also exploring options to support patients to move around the rest of the hospital site.