Bringing our digital systems together

It has been 6 months since our community teams have been using the system, so we caught up with Lorraine Brook, Clinical EPR Change Lead, and Callum Murray, Associate Practitioner for Single Point of Access (SPOA), to find out how things are going.

Talking about the difference SystmOne has made, Lorraine said:

“As well as now being able to directly refer to other services using the system, we have a standardised approach for referrals making it much easier for these services to fully understand the patients’ needs. Also, due to all the information being in one system, time spent screening referrals has been greatly reduced.

“Due to working in a standardised way, it makes it much easier to hand over work to a colleague. You simply save it, and the next person can pick up where you left off. We can also send a task to a colleague so they know what action to take next or to communicate additional information about that patient. All tasks are attached to the patient record so are stored in once place.

“Because everything is reported on SystmOne, it makes it easier to follow the patient journey. We are now used to seeing when a patient has been seen by a GP, and we can see the encounter that led to the referral to our service. We then report directly onto SystmOne and this adds more of the journey that we pass on to the next team. That onward team will record more directly into SystmOne and then the GP that referred can read the therapist’s notes from their original referral. This is particularly useful when we receive multiple referrals, or another a few months later, because it means we can see what happened previously without the need to rely on multiple email trails and checking spreadsheets! It makes everything much more transparent and really helps to see the entire patient’s journey for the service in one place.”

Watch Callum to hear more about the many benefits the system has brought to his team, and how his role as ‘SystmOne Champion’ is supporting its use.