Improvements to the emergency floor

What’s changing?

  • Emergency floor is being extended
  • New waiting area, resus area and treatment rooms for children/young people
  • Seperate entrance for ambulances carrying children/young people
  • Urgent Treatment Centre will be integrated into the Emergency Floor
  • New area for Same Day Emergency Care incorporated
  • New, larger room for limb plastering

“The changes will mean we have one front door for all urgent and emergency services, ensuring we can provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Bringing our teams together will make it easier for those who need our care and support but will also make our work more streamlined and efficient.”

“Having a designed, purpose-built area to treat children/young people requiring urgent and emergency care will make a big difference to both those receiving and providing care. Having a separate ambulance drop off area too will mean children are taken directly to a dedicated resus/treatment area rather than having to be wheeled through the main emergency department.”

“By integrating the urgent treatment centre the emergency floor area, we can work as one team treating both minor illnesses and injuries and providing same day emergency care.”