Improvements to intensive and enhanced care

What is changing?

  • Intensive Care Unit is being extended
  • Increase in bed space
  • Quieter, private rooms for patients rather than an open ward area
  • Better infection control
  • Improved relatives’ room
  • Contemporary environment with enhanced lighting
  • Staff meeting area for clinical handovers
  • Improved equipment eg bed hoists
  • More advanced technology for staff
  • Better storage facilities
  • Direct access to outside facilities for staff

“For patients these changes will mean being able to provide quieter, more private spaces flooded with natural light which will help their recovery and rehabilitation and provide a welcoming space for family members supporting them. Having side rooms also gives us the option of being able to isolate patients with infectious diseases, if needed – safeguarding others in need of intensive care treatment without the need to relocate them. We will also have enhanced care beds which will cater for those who do not need intensive care but need a higher level of care for a short period”

“Investment in the NHS infrastructure is vital for improving patient care. The refurbishment will support staff wellbeing and provide a positive experience for the patient and their families. Individual patient rooms in the intensive care unit will maintain privacy and aid in infection control measures. The development of the Enhanced care area will relieve pressure on our Intensive Care Beds, and an increased ICU bed capacity will allow us to treat our acutely ill patients within the Island.”

“Currently, our clinical handover meetings are held around the nursing station at the centre of the ward in earshot of patients and their families. The new team room being created will improve confidentiality and enable us to have those conversations sensitively and without disturbing patients and their families.Both staff and patients will also benefit from the new, up-to-date equipment and technology being put in place; including overhead hoists. Our staff area will also have direct access to a garden, providing much needed outside space in which to take a breather in what can be both physically and emotionally demanding shifts.”