New emergency care floor at St Mary’s Hospital

Extensive refurbishment and expansion of our emergency services. Co-locating our existing emergency department, urgent treatment centre and short stay facilities with the addition of a new frailty unit. A separate, dedicated emergency entrance will improve access for patients.

New integrated mental health and community hub in Newport

A new integrated Mental Health and Community Hub in Newport High Street including 8 treatment and talking therapy rooms, 11 telehubs for telemedicine appointments, 2 rooms for social and community use and a community café.


  • New ambulance entrance for children improves flow and operational efficiency
  • Increases size of treatment rooms and improves access to diagnostics
  • New waiting room layout improves patient safety at night
  • Improves colocation and adjacency of emergency services


  • Better patient and staff experience, joined up services offering improved continuity of care
  • Improves accessibility and offers late opening times
  • Prevents mental health care needs escalating
  • Promotes sustainability and regeneration of the high street

New high dependency care unit at St Mary’s Hospital

Major refurbishment and expansion of our Intensive Therapy Unit. Increasing from 6 to 8 beds and the addition of a separate 6 bedded Enhanced Care Unit to ensure that patients are cared for in the most clinically appropriate setting.

Acute bed reconfiguration
at St Mary’s Hospital

A new 18-bed acute ward will see the reconfiguration of our acute beds. This will enable better use of beds and the separation of planned and emergency inpatient care.


  • Increases resilience and improves patient outcomes
  • Complies with new national guidance
  • Increases capacity to develop specialist services
  • Improves patient flow


  • Improves privacy and dignity for patients
  • Relocates the stroke unit to next to our acute medicine facilities
  • Relocates the breast screening service to an area more convenient for patients
  • Expands our current x-ray service and improves access to diagnostics